my kids

my kids
i love this pic

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kiaras tribe. She had so much fun with a ll her friends and such

Kristians tribe. Look at the variety of kids. They just love working in the tribes, the tribe of dan, asher, Levi, zebulin. THey read the galilee gazette at VBS It truely was amazing.

Kristian loves VBS they made bows and arrows, boats, menorahs, Craft time is so special to them! He loves to do the crafts, do water fights, and sing all the different songs.
GOd is Good

Vacation Bible School

Last week the kids spent the week at VBS at one of the country churches. THey had so much fun. They were told if they brought 50 kids they could soak the pastor, What did they do ... they achieved 50 kids.!!!
So they soaked the pastor on t he last day.
Shalom Kavareem, Kiaras favorite song... "til we meet again til we meet again... shalom shalom. "

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My children

Wow what a disaster but at least they are having fun. I will try to download a pic to post so all can see.
How many blankets they have out you ask? Well let me see at least 4 and some towels and they are living under it all according to them.


We did our month of medication and are still awaiting to get some more meds across the border .OUr last shipment was stopped at the border and we were unable to receive it.
THey are trying to figure out why and trying to wait to book us a return date.


Is in the TRachea care unit now. He is ok. You can follow the prognosis of this fine little boy at


Ive forgotten all about this lately. May 31st I hurt myself at work and have been off since. Ive been enjoying the time with my kiddos. I went to a physiotherapist and they wont see me again til I see an orthoped.. I see one on the 17th of July.
Work... well .They are wondering when they will see me back i have a feeling they wont be seeing me back. I think that I dislocated my shoulder thus this should never have happened again. I had shoulder surgery and it was supposed to be very difficult to do again. I may be hooped!
Oh well.