my kids

my kids
i love this pic

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Tired and sick thats what this house is all about. I am trying to study and it just isnt going well. I am very tired. Isnt life grand lol

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Morning of January 23

I am so tired. I cant believe I just did another 8 hours of work. I am so tired of always working nights but its better then being broke. There most likely will be a night shift tonight but i dont want it or I could work an E2 but no thanks. I did tell them I will work tomorrow if they need me to.
We have 2 residents dying and its just so draining. i need a break.
Kiara and Kristian are still asleep.. yayy. maybe I will get a couple hours of sleep.
Should almost sit and read for a bit..

Monday, January 22, 2007

work work work

Left work last night and had that feeling that I would be called in to work tonight. Sure enough.... I was.. LOL
Another day another dollar lol
We are losing a resident so work is steady ...makes the night fly past!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Morning

I have returned from the land of work. LOL
Its 8 am and I am home from work and got to get the family up soon for church. We are going to small group and then home to sleep lol
Kiara and Kristian will be going to sunday school and junior church .. bless their little hearts. Maybe we will try and go skating today. I dont know.
Well. off i go.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday January 19, 2007

Well I finally heard back from NIH. Time to stop the injections and see if we keep her ears clear. I wonder if the enbrel is truely the right medication. i also wonder if she truely has a fever disorder or something else.
Oh well lets see what this does.
My kids are fighting of course lol, so Im going for a bit

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ive added this amazing site and think that this will be a good way for me to think. I have also added the christian blogging alliance and am very excited to be a part of this amazing and thoughtful group. thanks to my friends who informed me of this.